UK NEQAS for Trace Elements

Who we are

UKNEQAS for Trace Elements is part of the CPA accredited Clinical Biochemistry laboratory at the Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford, UK.  Our Guildford Trace Elements Centre is located at the University of Surrey Research Park and we have strong links with the University Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. The Centre has two sections; the  Supra-Regional Assay Service Trace Element Laboratory and the UK NEQAS for Trace Elements External Quality Assessment Scheme.

What we do

Our Trace Element Laboratory specialises in the measurement and interpretation of trace elements in clinical samples from patients throughout the UK.  This includes but is not limited to the determination of copper, zinc and selenium for nutritional investigations; cobalt and chromium in patients with metal-on-metal hip replacements; lead, mercury, arsenic and other toxic elements in occupational and toxicological studies.  The laboratory has the facilities for the measurement of a wide range of other trace elements in blood, serum, urine, tissue biopsy, hair and nail samples using modern ICP-MS.

UK NEQAS for Trace Elements is a UKAS accredited proficiency testing provider No. 7496 offering programs in serum, whole blood and urine. Samples are spiked with various concentrations of trace elements covering clinically relevant ranges.

We also operate two additional schemes which are for educational purposes only and are not accredited to ISO17043; these are the Al in water and dialysis fluid scheme, and the Solid Matrix scheme. The latter of which is primarily to challenge measurements of Cu and Fe in liver biopsy specimens. Further details are shown here.